Aircraft Structural Design Experience:

Ninda Design carries out every stage of the design process, from preliminary design to detailed design of both metal and composite material aerostructures





Lightweight (Airship) structure design experience:

Ninda Design carries out the design and integration of systems installation, which includes structural, functional and interference analysis.

Familiarization of Aircraft Industry Project Programs Management Technique :

Project Management Experience:
International or National projects

Design Tool Experience:
Preparation of Design Dossier (Model, Assembly Tree, Drawings, Part List and related documents)
by using design programs which have been seleced from Project Management


    • Catia V4 \ V5
    • UG NX
(It is used to create and analyse 3D data and to generate drawings.
Catia V5 is the AIRBUS design tool for A400M, UG NX is TAI design Tool for TIHA-ANKA project )

    • Teamcenter (Data Management System)

(DMU Navigator – Digital Mock Up
The AIRBUS visualization tool for DMU for A400M Program, Teamcenter is used for TAI-TIHA project )
Flexible working :
To satisfy project requirements and schedule, working hours and location are flexible
Team Member /  Working with partners :
Interface Description for each partner and components can be defined.
Working rules and maturity level of design parts for each project stage can be described.
Supplier can be supported by reporting techniques, schedules and work flow.



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